Our Services

General Recruitment

 With a team of experienced recruiting professionals, we strive to provide qualified applicants to our esteemed clients in a timely fashion. Our standard is 24 hours.

Talent Headhunting

We maintain a data bank with great deal of talents which helps you find the perfect match, no matter how specific it would be. 

Job Visa Processing

Let us process the required job visa for your new employees from foreign countries, application or renewal, temporary or permanent.  We are accredited by Bureau of Immigration to do the process. 

Business Consultancy

Setting up your new branches in the Philippines?  Definitely we can help!  We have great local business partners here to assist you: lawyers, accountants, bankers, ISO consultants and so on.

Translation & Intepretation

We offer business documents translation and interpretation in almost all languages, you name it.

Real Estate Rental

Check with us if you need to provide accomodation for your foreign employees.  We have studios, condo units and townhouses to fulfil your requirements.